Major Mail, Inc.

The Business

Large, fast-growing direct marketing company

The Need

After a prolonged period of explosive growth, the company experienced a stagnant period marked by high employee turnover and disappointing work performance. The owner/president was consistently drawn into daily operations functions and was frustrated that employee leaders were not taking responsibility for decision-making.

The Response

Sapphire Consulting was hired to provide executive coaching, HR consulting and team development services.

Executive Coaching

Sapphire Consulting worked one-on-one with the company president to identify the source of workplace frustrations and strategize about ways to overcome these challenges. The company president used Sapphire Consulting as an impartial sounding board about management issues and his own management style. Sapphire then helped him communicate and manage more effectively to improve employee morale, job performance, and commitment to the long-term growth of the company.

HR Consulting

Sapphire Consulting first surveyed employees to identify the issues affecting morale, retention and performance. Sapphire then recommended strategies to address these issues, including relatively simple measures such as regular meetings to give staff an overview of company objectives, communication that emphasizes the positive over the negative and more direct contact between the line worker and the customer. Sapphire also reviewed and improved job descriptions and performance indicators so employees knew exactly what was expected of them, and assisted with job interviews for key positions at the company.

Team Development

Sapphire Consulting conducted leadership training for supervisors to help them manage employees more effectively. Sapphire also helped the company establish monthly leadership team meetings to discuss the company vision and brainstorm pathways to future success.

The Outcome

The company president reports that there has been a noticeable change in morale due to Sapphire’s work. Employees feel more involved in the company, take greater pride in their work, work harder to make deadlines and seem happier in their jobs. Some members of the leadership team have stepped forward with new ideas that have energized the company. The company president continues to rely on Sapphire’s executive coaching services for advice about resolving business dilemmas and personnel management issues.