Change Style Indicator® is an assessment instrument designed to measure an individuals and leaders preferred style in approaching change and in addressing situations involving change. Three primary styles exist on a continuum: Conserver, Pragmatist, Originator

Using this Assessment Offers

  • Leaders and staff discover their personal position on this continuum of change style preferences
  • Learn how a preferred style affects how others perceive an individual and how a style influences the perception of others 
  • Explore the advantages and strengths that each style offers in a team effort 
  • Realize the value of all perspectives when resolving issues

CSI Highlights

  • 10-15 minutes to complete 
  • 22 assessment items
  • Normative data demonstrates relationships between age, gender, industry and nationality.
  • Available in hard copy or online
  • Well validated

Your Certification is combined with Change Navigator Certification and Provides

  • 1½ hour individual coaching session
  • Downloadable Facilitator Guide 
  • Downloadable PowerPoints 
  • Virtual Class Training 
  • Online Assessment Center Tutorial 
  • Access to Online Assessment Center

Class Format and Time

Virtual, on-demand and 1 to 1½ hour live coaching session. Approximately 4 hours total. 



If you are interested in becoming certified in using this instrument with your organization or clients, please view our certification trainings.