Influence Style IndicatorToday’s workplace requires effective leaders to work across multiple boundaries where differences such as culture, gender, age, geography and hierarchy can all present unique challenges. Are you adapting your influence style to your target audience? Are your vision and passion being received by others as you intended? What steps can you take to be a more effective leader? Influence Style Indicator ® is an assessment instrument designed to understand an individual’s preferred style as they influence others.

Using this assessment offers leaders to:

  • Learn about five unique influencing styles
  • Examine what their chosen influence style looks like to others
  • Determine best opportunities to flex their style to address a variety of situations
  • Investigate how timing and discretion are important considerations in influencing
  • Be able to identify others’ preferred style

Online Version

Offered are 40 assessment items for evaluating preferences. Online and self-scoring versions are available. The online assessment provides individuals with a personalized feedback report based on their unique influencing preferences. This personalized report addresses individual strengths and challenges, explains how to address underutilized styles and provides tips for using influencing effectively. Two primary orientations are defined: Advocating and Uniting and five dominant styles.

Two Orientations

  • Advocating: Individuals put forward ideas and offer logical, rational reasons to convince others of their point of view. Individuals insist that their ideas are heard and considered even when others disagree.
  • Uniting: Individuals advocate for their position by encouraging others with a sense of shared mission and exciting possibilities. Individuals attempt to influence outcomes by connecting with others through listening, understanding and building coalition

Five Dominant Influence Styles

  • Rationalizing: Using logic and reasoning to present your ideas
  • Asserting: Stating preferences clearly and applying pressure
  • Negotiating: Compromising and making concessions to find common ground
  • Inspiring: Influencing others through shared purposes and broader possibilities
  • Bridging: Engaging and connecting with others

Your Certification Provides:

  • 1 to 1½ hour individual coaching session
  • Downloadable Facilitator Guide 
  • Downloadable PowerPoints
  • Virtual Class Training 
  • Online Assessment Center Tutorial 
  • Access to Online Assessment Center

Class Format and Time:

  • Virtual, on-demand and 1 to 1½ hour live coaching session. Approximately 4 hours total. 



If you are interested in becoming certified in using this instrument with your organization or clients, please view our certification trainings.