Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc

The Business

New Hampshire-based multi-national manufacturing company

The Need

With the majority of the company’s leadership age 60 or older, the company needed to enhance its succession planning and organizational development efforts to create an up-and-coming generation of leaders. The company decided to create leaders from within its current workforce rather than launching an expensive search for outside talent.

The Response

Sapphire Consulting was hired to create a leadership development program that included:

360º Assessments

Sapphire Consulting gathered feedback from co-workers and supervisors of 15 potential leaders and current officers to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide insights into leadership styles.

Leadership Training

Sapphire conducted a two-day coaching workshop with potential leaders to improve their leadership and communication skills. Sapphire then helped create structured training programs in which participants lead fellow employees in specific endeavors, such as workplace safety programs. Sapphire also conducted training programs for current executives and officers to help them serve as advisors for future leaders.

Executive Coaching

Sapphire worked one-on-one with specific employees to help them overcome roadblocks to success as indicated in the 360º evaluations.

The Outcome

Sapphire Consulting continues to work with the company to enhance the leadership skills of key employees. After one year, company evaluations showed that leadership development efforts were helping participants improve their communication skills and become more effective leaders.