Sullivan Tire & Auto Service

The Business

A family-owned auto care business with 58 locations around New England

The Need

Since the company was founded in 1955, it has built a reputation for superior customer service. The company has relied on clear communication, effective teamwork and strong leadership to uphold its tradition of superior service throughout a steadily expanding base of auto care centers. With an average of five stores added per year, the management pool was being stretched and new talent needed to be generated.

The Response

Sullivan Tire turned to Sapphire Consulting for leadership development support. Over the past 10 years, Sapphire has:

  • Trained hundreds of people through Leadership Development, Team Development and coaching programs
  • Continuously customized classes and materials to respond to the unique needs of each group of participants

The Outcome

Sapphire continues to work with Sullivan Tire to nurture new management talent and hone management skills. Six of the eight employees who recently completed training with Sapphire have been promoted to management positions. The company reports that Sapphire’s Leadership Development programs are a very effective means of growing the management talent necessary to fuel continued expansion.